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Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Inviting experience seekers to dive into the immersive pleasure of Philadelphia cream cheese.

Eating cream cheese is not just an act. It's an experience. And there is a rich culture embedded within this American staple. We drew from the images of voluptuous cream cheese tubs at local Delis when designing the pack as well as developing the photography. We aimed to let the product shine with as little retouching as possible, creating images that invite the consumer to dive right in.
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The brand.

The brief was a packaging redesign, but all elements needed to fit within the concept of the new pack. So, we created an interim logo for Philadelphia to bridge the gap between their current logo and the look of the updated packaging. The new logo is a cleaner and simpler version of their current logo, and we optimized it to work at a smaller scale than before. We also created a "schmear" version of the logo embossed in a fluffy swipe of cream cheese to use on advertising materials. This helped to bring home the immersive feel of the packaging and allowed us to use the blue version of the logo in more instances than before.

A rainbow of flavors.

We were tasked with the redesign of 20 different SKUs (regular cream cheese flavors, whipped flavors, and snack packs), which meant lots of product photography. We worked to make each front of pack and lid design similar to the Original pack, while differentiating according to flavor. The logo is slightly different on each product as the bottom arch surrounds the main hump of cream cheese in the photo. Each flavor is given its own color indicator to further differentiate the products while staying consistent within the system as a whole.


DESIGN DIRECTION: Apirat Infahsaeng
DESIGN: Kaitlin Sparkman