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Nordstrom Rack

Encouraging Nordstrom’s unique, badass, and fashion savvy shoppers to “rack their way.”

When we looked at the discount fashion landscape, one thing was clear: it all looked the same. The same photography, colors, fonts, advertisements, etc. So we set out to make Nordstrom Rack stand out, just like their shoppers. We used photography to cue the high fashion look that Nordstrom is known for while using bright, bold colors and typography to give Nordstrom Rack its own voice and ability to stand out. Rack stands out not only amongst fellow discount stores, but from the Nordstrom brand itself.
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Guidelines for every occasion.

Developing brand guidelines for Nordstrom Rack began with the introduction of the new brand elements. But, we also created unique treatments for Rack's sub-brands and events such as: "Clear the Rack" events, Sale, Clearance, Beauty promos, and New Store Openings. The New Store Openings concept was built upon playing with the extended letterforms (provided in the custom typeface designed by Oh No Type) as well as photography that emphasizes perspective. Because when Nordstrom Rack is coming to your city, it's big. All headlines and copy are written with the city's name in mind so that each opening feels unique and intentional. The large typography and photos breaking the containers makes the event feel larger than life.


DESIGN DIRECTION: Apirat Infahsaeng
SENIOR DESIGN: Thais Mazelli
Kaitlin Sparkman