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Elie Saab Book

Putting the elegance + finesse of designer, Elie Saab, front and center.

When looking for a coffee table book of my favorite fashion designer, Elie Saab, I was disappointed to find that although there were a few choices with beautiful photography, the actual written portion was lacking. These books said very little about Elie Saab's history or his creative process, and none cataloged his collections or red carpet looks. We worked to pull every written piece about the designer and rewrite the book we wish was on shelves. Divided into 4 categories (history, creative process, runway, and red carpet) we worked to mix high quality photography, elegant layout, beautiful typography, and the designer's unique history into a coffee table book fit for the "King of Middle Eastern fashion."
Elie Saab book. Chapter heading
Elie Saab book. History timeline spread
Elie Saab book. History chapter spread

Adding unique touches.

In the creative process chapter, we added a few of Saab's sketches. Both to illustrate his method of working and to bring an extra element to the book. These sketches were printed on pearlescent vellum to mimic tracing paper. This transparent paper allowed us to add sketches into the chapter without disrupting the pacing or spreads. We used only black and white to bring attention to the photography, the crown jewel of the book. Light, elegant typefaces in the body copy to match Saab's refined style. The handwritten script in chapter headings mimics the personal touch of the designer. Justified columns reflect the tall, slender models walking his runway, and mimic the style of fashion magazines. And additionally, echo the source of the writing (Vogue provided critiques of all his collections featured within the book).
Elie Saab book. Runway chapter example spread
Elie Saab book spreads
Elie Saab book. Transparent page with fashion sketch


ART DIRECTION: Kaitlin Sparkman
This book is not published. I do not own any of the rights to images used or copy written. All sources are credited within the book.