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Crawfish Boil

Drawing from Lousiana culture to promote a truly Cajun-rooted charity fundraiser.

The Boil is an annual crawfish boil held to raise money for the Hope for Autumn Foundation, a nonprofit for childhood cancer. To brand the 2020 event (and 2021 due to the pandemic cancellation), we tapped into Louisiana art and culture to advertise a style of eating born and perfected in the bayou.
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Crawfish Boil logo
Crawfish Boil poster shown outdoors

The look.

To achieve a Cajun-inspired look we paid homage to famous Louisiana artist, George Rodrigue. To preserve his heritage, Rodrigue began painting Cajun legend, the loup-garou, in his Blue Dog Series. He pulled vibrant colors from Cajun culture as well as the ghost story featuring the werewolf. He based the likeness on his own dog, Tiffany. His style is whimsical, bold, and captivating, and we illustrated a crawfish in the same style. We used Rodrigue's primary color palette and mixed in handwritten typography to finish off the look.

Image: "With a Warm Heart" by George Rodrigue. (1998)
George Rodrigue blue dog painting. Crawfish Boil color and illustration inspiration.
Crawfish Boil apron
Crawfish Boil banner
Crawfish Boil drink koozies
Crawfish Boil t-shirt


ART DIRECTION: Kaitlin Sparkman
ILLUSTRATION: Kaitlin Sparkman
HAND LETTERING: Kaitlin Sparkman
Work was produced while employed at (and is copyrighted by) Telegraph Creative.