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Birmingham Orthodontics

Making braces less of a pain.

Most people know the pain of having braces. Whether that is the inconvenience, expense, time, care, or the literal pain involved in achieving straighter teeth. Most people treat braces as something they need to grin and bear (pun intended). Birmingham Orthodontics works to make the pain as minimal as possible to achieve your best smile. And they have been doing that across 4 locations for the past 20 years. Their mission is to make a better smile affordable to everyone, and we focused on that in the rebrand. We help parents and teens (customers and patients) feel comfortable, confident, and assured that they are getting the best treatment at the best price. This was an unused concept presented to the client.
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Birmingham Orthodontics logo
Birmingham Orthodontics magazine ad
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Giving customers something to smile about.

In the beginning, we asked ourselves: "if we were to get braces right now what would make our experience something worth smiling about?" For patients (teens), we wanted a brand experience that felt familiar to them. One that understood their struggles as both a teenager and a person with braces. To connect with teens, we wrote headlines with an attitude, used bright + bold colors, and added doodles onto expressive photography.

The ones footing the bill, the parents, were a different story. We wanted an experience that was comfortable, trustworthy, and easy to understand. To do this, we utilized clean fonts, a straightforward tone of voice, and crisp photography. Positive affirmations on the mirrors work to uplift customers in the office space. And we added a signature wall to further inspire and motivate patients.
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Adding value.

While brainstorming the ideal braces experience, we focused on educating patients and increasing perceived value. We created collateral that spoke the patients' language. It educated them on maintaining their braces and seeing the worth of taking care of their smile. A new braces kit, packed with gear, swag, and educational material ("Think Straight: Tips + Tricks For Improving Life With Braces"), sets up patients for success. Inside, patients find hacks that make things like eating, cleaning, office visits, and care easier than ever. And more helpful than the brief "don't eat popcorn, don't chew gum" given by most doctors.
Birmingham Orthodontics new braces kit closed
Birmingham Orthodontics new braces kit opened
Birmingham Orthodontics new braces guide cover
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DESIGN: Kaitlin Sparkman
COPYWRITING: Kaitlin Sparkman + Dr. Susan Elliott Reach
Work was produced while employed at (and is copyrighted by) Telegraph Creative.